Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling NaM2

Industrial partners

NaM2 has the tradition of including industry in its research. Some former and current industrial partners are listed below.


NIRIS project (new insertion rules), IWT project 080642. Fast ode solver development, collision modelling.


IPOLFE "inverse problems in low frequency electromagnetism" (IAP P6/21). Stochastic modelling with polyniomal chaos in NDT problems.


NOBUG (FP7 EU project number 228639) and ALL4REST (FP7 EU project SME 2010-1-262652). Multi-scale textile modelling (heat-mass balance).


CENPERON, IWT project 110317. Centrifuge for determination of the permeability function of unsaturated soils. Simulation side of a prototype development (Method of lines solution of nonlinear PDE).